Quick and Easy DIY Tips in Room Painting in Austin TX

Quick and Easy DIY Tips in Room Painting in Austin TX

Room painting in Austin TX is what the Painting Pro Guys Austin do best! But if you’re up to a DIY paint challenge, take note of these painting tips from the experts!

It is possible to get a room or even a house painted within the shortest time regardless of the size and even the type of paint used. It is necessary to remember the fact that all this needs the practice to get it done correctly and with time, the speed gets to improve alongside the quality. A little patience with oneself is thus a key to achieving this.

The following tips should act as a guideline to get the right results at a tremendous speed.

Do the Prep Work Properly
It is crucial that you clean the surfaces to be painted by removing all the requisite material that are nor to be painted. The holes are filled using a lightweight spackle but in case all the items removed from the wall are to be returned, filling the holes is not a necessary step. The room should also be clutter free and sparkling clean. The dirt and debris on the walls are to be cleaned to eliminate them and ensure a clean surface. Scrubbing of the dark stained areas is also necessary to ease the paint job.

Take One Wall at A Time
Removing all furniture from the room and dumping them in a separate box to paint the room is tedious work. An easier way would be to remove the furniture along one particular wall creating enough workspace for the ladder and even the roller. Work on the wall until finished then carefully take back everything back in the right place. Rake care not to put it too near the wall as it is wet and this would ruin the newly painted wall.

Using the sash brush to cut an entire wall at a time and the going back to roll the paint saves time. Put the paint to cut in a cup to make it easier to carry up the ladder. The hustle of going up and down the ladder to dip the brush in paint thus reduced a great deal.

Use a Roller Extension Pole
Most people prefer to paint the ceilings and high-end walls majorly using an extension pole. Well, the truth is the extension pole can be used to clean the walls of an average room without much complication, cutting down on the utilization of a ladder to paint the walls and having to bend to reach the lower wall surfaces.

Use a Straight Edge for Painting Instead of Painter’s Tape
The tape is an excellent way to cut in the trim, but the problem is it takes much longer to have it put in the right place and being that time of the essence; it is only prudent to cut simply in very carefully. Additionally, this also calls for a lot of experience, as it would be difficult to make precise cuts carefully on a shaky hand. It thus calls for steadiness in the cutting process. In case a free hand is impossible, a long metal edge would help make the job easier. Run the brush along the metal on the ceiling or even the trim edges. Moving it along as one progresses helps create a very nice straight line.

Use Quality Paint
Price tells a lot when it comes to the purchase of items. In as much as its always tempting to pay little and get the services or materials needed spending a bit more for quality paint is worth it as only one coat of the paint will be necessary instead. A few drips and roller marks are also some advantages based on the body of the paint.

Hiring someone to paint with you can also be a fun painting idea as you will get to know the tips and tricks of working with a professional for house painting in Austin TX. And before you start the project, try to get a free house painting Austin cost first to set aside a proper budget.