How To Maintain Freshly Painted Walls

How To Maintain Freshly Painted Walls

One of the best ways to have your home remodeled is to have your walls repainted. This is why it's not surprising that an increasing number of homeowners are getting in touch with the Painting Pro Guys to get the best house painting in Austin TX. Choosing the right paint is important and professional painters can give you critical advice on this matter. For instance, if you’re looking for paint that’s easy to clean, they may advise to use gloss and semi-gloss paints.

When you're done repainting, it is important to know and remember how to maintain freshly painted walls. Doing so allows you to keep your property’s surfaces looking fresh for a long time. Proper maintenance also makes it easy to clean your walls should the need arise.

How To Care For Newly Painted Walls

Once your walls have been newly painted, you wouldn't want dirt and marks to mar its pristine beauty. Use baseboards, wainscoting, or chair railing to prevent stains or to hide marks on your walls.

If you want to make use of paintings or artwork to add a touch of color or personality to your walls, use painter's tape. Attaching a small piece of the tape behind the frame will keep the frame steady and preventing it from forming scratch marks on the wall.

There may be instances when scratch marks or stains are inevitable. In such cases, apply high-quality wall stain remover as soon as possible. This will keep the imperfections from being permanent.

If the stains can’t be removed, a touch-up would be your next option. Make sure that you have a can of touch-up paint available so you can always do touch-up work when needed. Keep a few clean paint brushes on hand, too. Store your paint in a cool dry place so it won't get dry and hard.

Paint color may change a bit or fade over time so don’t be surprised if your touch-up paint may not be exactly the same as the original color you have on your walls. Use just a dab of the new paint to play down the difference. For better control and faster application, you may also use an artist brush.

Washing Painted Walls

To keep your walls looking beautiful and clean, you also have to know how to wash them properly. Cleaning painted walls is not rocket science and is actually easy-breezy if you know the right tools to use and the proper ways to use them.

The best cleaning solution for painted walls is warm clean water applied with a sponge. All you have to do is to carefully and gently wipe over the walls to remove dirt and grime.

When you get one section of the wall clean, make sure that you dry it completely. Water that runs down the wall can cause unattractive marks and stains.

Don't forget to thoroughly rinse out your sponge. Wring the dirty water out of the sponge before cleaning another section of the wall.

Most stains usually require just a little bit of cleaning and patience. However, there are times where you might come across stains that may be a bit more difficult to get rid of. If you come across these tough marks, you can make a paste out of water and a little baking soda and use that to gently rub over the spot.

The Best Ways To Keep Painted Walls Clean

Preventive maintenance will save you a lot of extensive scrubbing. Remove grime, fingerprints, dust and other marks on your wall on a regular basis. If you’re planning to vacuum your walls, use a soft-brush attachment to prevent unwanted scratches. You can also wipe down the walls using a cloth-covered broom. Alternatively, a mop sprayed with a high-quality dusting agent works just as fine.

How To Clean Walls That Are Painted With Latex Paint

Use a mixture of non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner and some warm water. Gently rub the sponge onto the wall. Use another sponge dipped in clear water to rinse off the solution. When cleaning your walls, be cautious not to get sensitive areas wet. These areas include spots around telephone jacks, outlets, and other electrical connections. When you have to scrub these areas, make sure to turn off the circuit breaker box before doing so.

How to clean walls that are painted with oil-based paint

Clean these walls in the same way you would clean walls with latex paint. The best cleaner for painted walls is an all-purpose detergent solution made from liquid dish detergent (1 teaspoon), white vinegar (1/4 teaspoon), and warm water (1 quart). If you want to get rid of tough stains, allow the solution to sit on the mark for 10 minutes or so before blotting it out.

Dust and grime are more likely to cling to texture-painted walls or walls with troweled finishes. A mixture of water (1 pint) and borax (1 ounce) is likely to be the best product to clean painted walls like these.


You will fall in love with your home all over again once you have your walls repainted. Make sure that you STAY in love by keeping your walls lovely and pristine even after the professional painters have left.