How to Deal With Rainy Weather When Interior Painting in Austin

How to Deal With Rainy Weather When Interior Painting in Austin

When interior painting in Austin, many interior designers and professional painters highly recommend not doing it on a wet rainy day. So how can you make the most out of your project’s time during a rainy season?

Many painters highly recommend not painting on a wet day. They will tell you to wait for a dry day to color your walls. But, improvisation is necessary if you live in a rainforest or in humid climate weather; where it’s always misty.
So here is a guide to help you to paint during rainy weather.

When is the best time to paint?
Paint dries very slowly due to moisture and high humidity and breaks the bond between the paint and the wall which allows them to stick together. People mainly use acrylic paints or latex as an interior water-based paints for their wall. These paints work the best when the temperature is between 50 – 90 degree Fahrenheit and the air contains a moderate amount of humidity. Paint adheres to the wall when the acrylic resin in the paint dries up, and the water evaporates due to which microparticles are drawn together to make a film with color pigments in the paint. A higher level of humidity slows this process. At the time of precipitation or 100 percent humidity; the moisture keeps the water in the paint and does not allow it to create a hard film finish. The paint doesn’t dry up in time due to this slowdown for the second coat of the day. The elongated period of humidity creates a problem with paint adherence to the wall, and eventually ruins the finishing of the paint.

How to Dry Paint in High Humidity
To counter the slowdown process of paint, you will need to fight nature. Minimize the effects of a sudden burst of rain by adjusting your surroundings to assist your paint. You will need to create a breeze by the spreading fans all across the room. You should also place a dehumidifier that takes out the excess moisture from the room. Securely position box fans in open windows to extract the paint fumes and moist air out of the room. If you have an air-conditioner in your room, then turn it on the heat mode to dry the space faster. A weather application can assist you to plan your project on a dry or breezy day. It takes time for paint to bond with the wall in the humid weather so give it extra time to dry in-between the two coats. A good amount of time should be given to drying before the final coat so you can get the best finish possible.

Is it OK to paint when it’s humid?
It is a piece of advice not to paint in the rainy weather if it is not ultra-necessary. The process when painting in a humid climate is complicating and does not guarantee you the best result. Interior painting takes a lot of imagination and hard work, and even after all that you do not get the expected results, then there is no point in painting in the first place. Remember, whenever you paint in a wet climate then make sure to add a lot of breeze in the room and give enough time to the color to make it look charismatic. However, it’s safer to just wait or employ the help of a professional Austin painting contractor for the best results.