Expert Tips from an Expert House Painter in Austin TX: Things to Consider Before Painting Your Walls Red

A professional house painter in Austin TX gave us some tips about how you can effectively use red colored paint on your walls!

Painting your house walls red is like playing with the most complicated shade of color. It is a very tough job to bring the best out of the red on your walls.

Here are a few basic tips to get the best look out of a wall when painting tints of red:

Quality Check
• The quality of the paint has little to do with the best coverage you can get when painting red. There is a lot of misconception between ‘professional' and ‘quality' in the painting industry. There are no specific measures for quality paint.
• Two different colors cannot get compared by comparing their labels. You cannot figure out which is better, and won't get an answer from a store representative if you ask him.
• Always take a glance at the paint chip to determine whether you need to apply a tinted primer to the walls first, or not. Many shades of red require a gray tinted primer.
• If on a color pallet, the color chip has P printed on it; then you need to use given a color-prime system to get the optimum results.
• It's hard to determine the need for a primer on an ICI color pallet. The colors belonging to each color pallet of ICI Paints has three parts.

First is the HUE, it tells about the family of colors to which the paint belongs.

Second, Light Reflective Value (LRV). It tells you about the contrast of the color. Whether it is light or, it is dark. The higher the value, the lighter the color.

Third is CHROMA; it tells about the intensity of the color. If the Chroma level is above 450, then you need to use a gray primer with it. The store representative can help you with the selection of gray shade.

Materials Required
You will need to use a high-quality white roller cover. A single cover may cost around $5, but do not skimp on it. White roller covers are white in shade and give a smoother finish. White rollers shed the least paint in comparison to other covers.

Do not use a green or yellow colored roller cover. Also, do not use lambs' wool roller cover.

How to Paint With Red Color
Do not trim or cut anything before you start to paint. Take out a roller pan, fill it up with red color and start rolling as hard as you can on everything. Roll very close to everything if use a masking tape for protection. Use horizontal strokes near ceilings to get closer. After you finish the first stroke, give the paint enough time to dry before cutting or trimming it.

As soon as your first coat is dry, cut in the areas you were not able to reach with the roller. Allow it to dry. You need to cut-in and let it dry before you add the second coat. If the wall requires a third layer, paint the edges first and then roll over.

Back rolling can be expressed as rolling an area and coming back to the area where you started before going too far down. You also need to lightly re-roll without adding extra colors. Some colors allow back rolling; some don't.
To determine whether your paint allows the back roll, re-roll the area behind your gate. If it looks worse than before, then leave the paint and let it dry. If it looks better, then re-roll the whole wall.