Expert Austin House Painter Tips: How to Clean and Care for Painted Walls

Expert Austin House Painter Tips: How to Clean and Care for Painted Walls

Cleaning and caring for your painted walls is what every Austin house painter should do after having their walls recently painted. It helps make the current paint job last longer!

The following requirements are essential in helping you eliminate dirt from walls and get the job done in an appropriate manner.

Required tools for cleaning walls:
• Ladder
• Brush attachment with a vacuum cleaner
• Mild detergent
• Sponge
• Water
• Bucket
• Dry towel
• Drop cloth with a plastic material

The whole cleaning process involves:

1. A protection process against damage by excessive water spills. It requires the use of plastic to create a lining on the floor acting as the working surface.
2. Removing cobwebs and the loose dirt by the utilization of a vacuum cleaner attached to brush. Pushing the brush against the walls surface is a do not do the activity as it may result on the dirt leaving distinct marks on the wall. Let the vacuum tube to work usually for great results.
3. The working should begin from the top of the wall. Eventually, progressive working around the room may call for a top to bottom working or side-to-side.
4. Fill the bucket to about one-third with warm water.
5. Too much soap on the water has created a stickiness on the wall that is pro e to more dirt and hence put in enough quantities.
6. Immerse the sponge in water and the excess water squeezed out.
7. Clean the wall in a sequential manner stopping to clean and rinse the sponge.
8. Wipe out any excess moisture using a dry towel.

How to Remove Crayon on Wall
To eliminate crayon markings from the wall, the necessary requirements for the exercise involve,
• A dull knife
• A clean magic eraser
• Water
• A mild detergent in the absence of a magic eraser
• Dry towel
• Soft cloth

The removal process involves
1. Using a dull knife, remove the excess crayon on the wall.
2. The clean magic eraser is the used to wipe out the chalk markings that should clean up naturally and easily. In the absence of the eraser,
3. Add mild detergent to the water and the mixture used to remove the crayon spots on the wall in a careful manner.
4. Finally, dry it using a dry towel.

How to Remove Ink on Wall
If the marks happen to be from a washable marker pen, then a wet towel will help clean the marks. But if it is a permanent marker stain, the material requirements includes:
• A magic eraser
• Toothpaste
• Paper towel
• Hairspray

The cleaning process involves
1. The magic eraser pad is for wiping out the marks in the wall and the heavy-duty version of the eraser applied to a textured wall.
2. In case it yields negative results, the hair spray comes into play.
3. The spot is then gently rubbed using a wet rag or paper towel.
4. The process is to be repeated multiple times should it appear to be working.
5. The wiping process should be mild gentle with an aim of protecting the underneath paint.
6. Should the stain persist, apply toothpaste on it.
7. An average 10-minute wait is then necessary before cleaning it off.

How to Remove Coffee Stains on a Wall
Many at times it is easier to clean drink spill from the walls before they set tight and dry on the walls. However, it is also not hectic as such to clean them after they dry off following some simple, effective steps.
The requirements include:
• Warm water
• Mild detergent
• Abrasive or soft cloth
• Bucket
• Dry towel
• Magic eraser

The cleaning process involves:
1. Adding warm water to the bucket half way full.
2. Then add detergent in the right amounts to get the water agitated.
3. Dip a piece of cloth in water and gently used to wipe the wall.
4. Repeat this process until the stain you eliminate.
5. Should the stain persist, dry the spit using a dry towel.
6. After drying, use a magic eraser to clean the spot.

Some other additional and tips and advice include:
• Too much detergent is dangerous for the wall as it leaves the excess soap attracting more dirt and this happens to be difficult to clean.
• The baby wipes are a great cleaning mechanism for very many walls.
• When cleaning larger wall portions, the technique involves working from top to bottom and from side to side until it is, clean.
• Rubber gloves are necessary to help protect the hands.
• Strong fumes and chemical use call for ventilation during the entire cleaning process.
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