Easy Paint Roller Cleaning Tips After a Painting Project in Austin TX

Easy Paint Roller Cleaning Tips After a Painting Project in Austin TX

Paint rollers are super handy when having a painting project in Austin TX. But how do you keep your paint roller ready and cleaned for the next project?

Painting is much easier when using a roller compared to brush. Furthermore, you can paint faster using a roller. However, both brush and roller are required to complete the painting. The brush is usually used to paint along the edges and moldings to acquire a straight line. A roller, on the other hand, is used to paint bigger portions of a room and is easier to maintain.

When you are painting a room for the first time, it can be quite expensive. You will be required to purchase all tools and equipment used for painting. Starting from the paint of your favorite color, prime, painters tape, a new brush, a new roller, and any other tool or material you will require during painting. Therefore, after finishing your painting project, it will be good if you clean up the tools. This saves not only your money, but also your time with future painting projects.

Many people find it difficult when cleaning their painting tools. In this article, you will learn on how to clean a roller cover. Do not dispose of your roller cover after use. Clean the roller cover immediately after use and do not allow it to dry, as it will require more time soaking it under water, which can damage the fibers of the roller cover. You can follow this simple procedure on how to clean a roller cover and get it ready for the next painting project.

Roller Cleaning Step 1
After painting, suspend the roller above the paint tray. Use a five in one painter’s tool or a rod that you used to mix the paint to get rid of excess paint. Slide the curved part of the painter’s five in one tool along the roller to get rid of excess paint. The roller should be slanted so that the paint can flow smoothly back into the tray.

TIP: Different types of paints require different techniques of cleaning. Before starting to clean, identify which type of paint you are using.

Roller Cleaning Step 2
If the painting was done using an oil-based paint, clean the roller using a paint solvent first. Pour a paint solvent half way into the empty paint tray. Roll the roller repeatedly in the solvent. Make sure much of its remaining has dissolved in the water. Pour the solvent away and fill the tray again with another solvent, wash the roller again. Finally, you can clean it using hot water.

When a latex paint is used, remove the roller cover half way the frame. Wash it using hot water. Squeeze the fibers of the roller cover using your fingers to remove paint. After cleaning, press it gently to remove some water.

TIP: A roller cover surface should not be in contact with the hard surface when drying. This will crush the fibers making it unable to paint when used again.

Roller Cleaning Step 3
After cleaning the roller cover using any method above, remove the lid from the roller frame. Suspend it from one end or make it stand to dry.

TIP: If you are painting the whole house, which will cover some couples of days, do not clean your roller cover every day. Instead, cover it using a nylon paper and place it in a cool place.

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